Topic outline

  • Topic 2

    Practice Final a

    • Has questions from each unit. 
    • Take has many times as you want, questions will change each time.
    • Will tell you your score(out of 20) and project your score on the final(out of 200).
  • Topic 27

    US History B Final Exam

    • Scantron (150 points)
      • 75 questions x 2 points each
    • Essay (50 points)
      • During this trimester we have studied United States History from the Stock Market Crash of 1929 to the 1990s.

      • What do you feel is the one dominant theme of the time period?

      • Write five paragraphs. Include introduction(with highlighted thesis), body paragraphs(with underlined main ideas) and a conclusion. 

      • Provide very specific examples from our units of studies that show evidence of the effects of the theme.