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  • Topic 1

    Welcome to Ms. Burson's Moodle Page for Nutrition and Cultural Foods

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    805-596-4040 x2514

  • Daily Goings On

    1. Get the Classroom description and policy sheet from the classroom binder. Sign and have parents/guardians sign and return by Monday.
    2.  Have a three ring binder and labeled dividers by Monday.
    3.  Go to "quizlet nutrition, gibson" on google and look through the kitchen utensil flashcards.
    4.  Get the "Get Acquainted Game" from the classroom folder.  Complete both sides.
    5.  Get the kitchen map from the binder and ask neighbors what to fill out on it.

    1.   Get Exit slip 3/7 from  the folder, complete and  turn in.
    2.  Watch the ppt on "Importance of Food".  Be ready to discuss each topic.  
    3.  Get the "Your Food Habits" from the binder and complete.  You will be completing the other side tomorrow or Friday.  I won't accept "it doesn't" for an answer.
    4.  Worked in pairs to see if you could answer the food safety questions from Nutrition class.

    1.  Get the small slip on food allergies... from the classroom binder and turn in to Ms. Burson.
    2.  Finished reviewing the Food Safety Test from Nutrition.
    3.  Went over handwashing.
    4.  Get all the handouts on knives from the binder (4 in total).  Watch the ppt on knives below, filling out the study guide.  Be sure to watch the videos.

    1.  Practice knife skills.
    2.  Get "Analyzing Persuasive Techniques in Advertising" from binder.  Read.
    3.  Complete the Advertizing Analysis.  Turn in.

    1. Turn in signed policy sheet.
    2.  Get the knife article with questions attached from the binder.  Answer the questions in complete sentences on a piece of binder paper and turn in.  Return the article to the binder.
    3.  Get the 1/3 sheet with list of foods on it.  Write down the first thing that comes to your mind when you read each word.
    4.  Read the page from the text on Psychological Influences on food (get from the binder and return when done, unless you just really feel the need to keep it).
    5.  Watch the corresponding ppt below and take notes, draw pictures or glue pictures from magazines to illustrate each concept.

    1.  Finished notes from yesterday.
    2.  Get both handouts on vocab from binder and the "test" to see how much you remember (or know) on the food prep terms.  There will be a test on the food prep terms in a couple weeks.  Ms Burson will give tell you which words to concentrate on.
    3.  Get an "Apple Tasting" sheet and complete with at least 2 apples (we did 6).

    1.  Get the "Measuring Basics" handout from the binder.  Ask neighbor, or reach way back in your memory to nutrition, for the answers on the back.
    2.  Watch video on measuring

    3.  Watch video on reading a recipe (very funny)
    4.  Get "The Science of Cooking Potatoes Study Guide" from the binder and watch the ppt below.  
    5.  Class did an experimental lab about leavening and ingredients.

    1.  Get the Irish Questions and articles from the binder.  Along with the Ireland ppt below, answer the questions thoroughly.
    2.  Prepped from lab tomorrow.

    1.  Irish Soda Bread and Irish Potato Cake Lab.

    Formed small groups and worked on "Holiday Happenings" assignment.

    1.  Finish Holiday Newsletter.
    2.  Ms Burson checked binders (need labeled dividers)
    3.  Print out your recipe.
    4.  Fill out Lab plan.
    5.  Give Ms. Burson grocery list (okay recipe first)

    1.  We are going to be catering a luncheon on Tuesday of next week.  Discussed menu options.
    2.  Started sharing Newsletters.

    1.  Holiday Happenings lab
    2.  Plan for Gold Ribbon Luncheon.

    Holiday Happenings Lab

    worked on Gold Ribbon Luncheon

    Worked in small groups on Food Safety Presentations.

    1.  Get the Herb-Spice study guide from the folder and fill out from the Herb-spice ppt below.
    2.  Watch the Ginger ppt below and copy down what is underlined.
    3.  Tasted: ginger ale, ginger snaps, fresh ginger, candied ginger, powdered ginger, pickled ginger, ginger candies..
    4.  Planned for lab tomorrow.

    Ginger lab.

    Started food safety presentations

    1.  Get vocab list for test Thursday.
    2.  Continued food safety presentations

    1.  Created lab plans for spice/herb lab.  Chose recipe and filled out grocery list.
    2.  Continued on food safety presentation.
    3. Reminder-vocab test Thursday.

    1.  Finished up Food Safety Packet.
    2.  Test tomorrow on vocabulary list.
    3.  Started Herb/Spice Research Google Slide presentations.

    1.  Took vocab test.
    2.  Worked on presentations and prepped for food lab.

    herb/spice food lab.

    1.  Made cookie dough
    2.  Finished presentations.

    1.  Bake cookies.
    2.  Start Food Truck Assignment if done with spice.

    Guest Chef

    1.  Continue with food truck.

    Free lab

    1.  Food Truck continued.

    1.  Food Truck continued.
    2.  Jessie with the Pairing Knife food truck was here.

    Food Truck continued.

    Presented Food Truck drawing, menu and floor plan.

    Food Truck Lab

    1.  Each person in the group must do their own write up for the Food Truck assignment.  This is the prompt:   "On a separate piece of paper, discuss your food item you prepared in class.  Did it taste like you thought it did? Was the appearance appetizing? Were there any surprises/difficulties/… in preparing the recipe?  How long would it take to prepare in your food truck?  Would there be parts you would have to prepare ahead of time?   Would you want to buy this yourself?  Do you think you have a good price point?  Add more."  Attach to the rest of your Food Truck assignment.
    2.  Get the Sauce Power Point worksheet from the binder, watch the Sauce ppt and complete.
    3.  Planned tomorrows Sauce lab.

    Sauce lab

    1.  Herb/spice quiz.
    2. Sauce Lab Evaluation.
    3.  Own Creation Sauce Lab.

    Made surf board cookies and pretzel bites for fashion show.

    Used up doughs.

    1.  Get French packet from the binder.  Watch the ppts for the prequiz and the French Cuisine study guides.  
    2.  Planned labs for Thursday and Friday.

    1.  Finish French packet.  Use Text if necessary.
    2.  Start on Group Cuisine Research Project.

    French Food Lab

    1.  Reported on making their French food recipe to class.
    2.  Gave recipe to Ms. Burson for Free lab on Thursday.
    3.  Worked on research cuisine project.

    research assignment

    Mr. Lara demoed recipes.

    Free lab

    Elementary school visitors.

    Finish research project, share with Ms. Burson,

    1.  Sharing research projects.  Open Project notes below and fill out as groups are presenting.

    1. If absent, get notes from neighbor.
    2.  Prepped for tomorrow's lab.  

    Cuisine Research Lab

    Cuisine Research Lab

    Plan tea party

    1.  Get Tea study guide from the binder and fill out watching tea ppt.
    2.  Working on tea party.

  • Due Dates

    3/13-Three ring binder with labeled dividers
    3/13-Parent signature page
    3/13-Knife Article questions
    3/13-Food Habits, Advertizing Analysis
    3/17-St. Patrick's Day worksheet
    3/22-Holiday Happening
    4/6-Vocab test
    4/11-Spice/herb Project

    4/27-Food Truck Project
    -Food Safety and Sanitation Test 
    - French Cuisine Packet
    -Cuisine Research Project
    -Tea Party