Topic outline

  • US History

    Overview:  Students in grade eight study the ideas, issues, and events from the framing of the Constitution up to World War I, with an emphasis on America's role in the war. After reviewing the development of America's democratic institutions founded on the Judeo-Christian heritage and English parliamentary traditions, particularly the shaping of the Constitution, students trace the development of American politics, society, culture, and economy and relate them to the emergence of major regional differences. They learn about the challenges facing the new nation, with an emphasis on the causes, course, and consequences of the Civil War. They make connections between the rise of industrialization and contemporary social and economic conditions. 



  • 2015 - 2016 Tests

    Listed below are tests that are available to take as part of Mr. Mac's 8th grade US History course.  

    Unless otherwise explained you will have the opportunity to take any chapter test up to three times - the day it is scheduled and the next two Wednesdays at lunch.  If you are absent on the day it is assigned you must come in one of the next two Wednesdays to make it up.  If you receive a low score you may come in and retake it.  Regardless of what you get your new score will be averaged with your previous score.