DRAFT Program Agenda

2015 Summer Youth Institute Schedule


Program Hours of Operation: 9:00am to 3:00pm (lunch 12-1p)  • Monday thru Friday

Daily Activity: AM Inspirational/Motivational* discussion to start each day.

Week 1:

            Wilderness Retreat – Mammoth Lakes, Ca   


Week 2:

            Monday – Magazine Article Drafts • Camera and Audio Equipment Tutorial • Intro: Film •Practice Film Project (Who Dunnit) • Reflection

Tuesday – Magazine Article Drafts • Introduction to InDesign software • Downtown SLO Travel Destination Video Field Trip • Reflection

     Wednesday – Program goals • Tutorial for InDesign • Magazine Article Drafts • Premier software • Begin edit on SLO videos • Reflection

Thursday –Tutorial for InDesign • Magazine edit/layout • Group Name • Tutorial for Premier software • work on SLO video • Reflection

Friday – Finishing edits on magazine • Finish edits on SLO video • Begin final movie collaboration, ideas and name • Reflection



Week 3:

Monday – Finish articles, finish scare crow logo, discuss movie ideas with groups, work on layouts

     Tuesday – Film Destination videos in morning, by afternoon edit

     Wednesday –finish editing film destination videos, present destination films, work on scripts, work on magazine layouts

     Thursday-  work on scripts, work on layouts, story boarding

     Friday – layouts done, logos done, motion tutorials


Week 4:

            Monday –

     Tuesday –

     Wednesday –

     Thursday –

     Friday –   


Week 5:

Monday –  Finish Storyboarding, Prop material list for shots*  Start shooting

Tuesday – Filming

     Wednesday – Filming

     Thursday – Filming

     Friday – Filming



*Daily Activity: Inspirational/Motivational Themes – Leadership, Identity, Diversity, Community, Education, Career, Citizenship, Community Service, Service Learning. LIA learning principles: “Learning that… is Active, is Collaborative, is Meaningful, Supports Mastery and Expands Horizons.”  

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